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About 'Itty' 


My name is Lisa Haskell but I go by “itty” or “itty CREATIONS." I got the nickname itty (short for itty bitty), from my Mother when I was very young and it was with her that I found and fell in love with art.


Since coloring books, play dough, and paint by numbers, I’ve embraced just about every medium art has to offer. Finding passion in many traditional mediums like, drawing, sculpture, and painting. These passions lead me to The Art Institute of Las Vegas- where I was able to hone my traditional passions, as well as, open the horizon to the ever-evolving digital art world. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts & Animation, gaining an array of knowledge, perspective and many more strong interests, such as 3D & 2D animation, graphic design, digital illustration, and photography, just to name a few.

Right after College, I got a job as Lead Artist for a company whose focus was immersive projection mapping onto casinos walls. Where, myself and a team of four other artists designed themed virtual reality experiences, that were then integrated into live slot game play. You can still immerse yourself into one of our creations at Seven Feathers Casino in Canyonville, OR. Look for the room “Titans of Cash!” After some internal financial issues within that company, many employees were laid off and/or stopped receiving payroll, to which my now husband and I (both working together at the time) seized that moment of limbo, to make the move we both passively talked about, but low-key longed for, to move from Las Vegas, Nevada to Washington State on a whim. 


Twenty five years of fast paced, sin city living, was no match for this ‘stop and smell the roses’ (in this case Douglas furs), hippie at heart. I quickly fell in love with nature and horticulture just as much as I did art. After many attempts to find art related jobs in the surrounding cities, country living drew me in deeper, much like every one of my passions. I have since found joy and success in agriculture work, though I'll always consider myself an Artist, first. Making and selling my art to friends, family, and complete strangers has always been something that has brought me the most joy. The authentic smiles it brings.


I have learned throughout my life that; investing in myself, the lifestyle I want to live, and the art I want to create was worth more to me than becoming a number, building up someone else’s brand that I have already learned once, could collapse at any moment. It was around this time, ‘Till Death Do I Paint’ was born. A brand I created as a vow to myself (and for others) to do the things you love to do, no matter what, for the rest of your life. To paint, to create, to design, to mold, to sow, to grow, those seeds you want to reap- Till death do I paint - my own reality. 


Long story short, this is where I am, this is who I am; an artist, a painter, a creator, a gardener, a dreamer manifesting many dreams into reality.


To end this ‘About Me’ with just two more things that I love, a cheers and a quote...


CHEERS to the journey of following passions, embracing new things, and utilizing everything you learn to 'paint’  your own happiness, whatever it may look like. 


“I am an artist at living- my work of art is my life.“ - D.T Suzuki 


Whether you’ve been following my journey for quite some time, or if you’re new here, a sincere thank you for taking the time to learn an itty bit more about me, I hope I was able to inspire you in some way. As always, your support is greatly appreciated but not required.

Much love,



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