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Skull Heart Ornament

Skull Heart Ornament

PriceFrom $19.99

These Skull Heart Ornaments come in 4 different options; Painted BLK, Painted RED, Un-Painted BLK, & Un-painted RED.


*If purchasing the PAINTED options, you have the choice of what you would like painted on the signage area. EX- Anniversary Date, Till Death, Be Mine, etc... as long as it's short enough to fit in that area. Please fill in the 'custom text' area with your desired text.


*If purchasing the UN-PAINTED option, you have two choices as to which paint color combonations comes with the Kit. Every kit comes with 2 paint brushes, the colors that cordinate with the option chosen(either RED or BLK), as well as enough mod podge & glitter to coat the flower area. 


These ornaments are each individually handmade, making every skull heart uniquely, one of a kind.


FREE SHIPPING on US orders only.

Traditional  |  Digital Artist

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